ERP Business

It is very important for businesses to keep track of cash flow,revenue and expense management and follow up of profitability reports. With WOLVOX ERP, you can manage processes in an easy and practical way and access the reports you want instantly.

Easily design the desired reports with its specific user-defined reporting system and manage all your accounting processes.

A true ERP experience with comprehensive, measurable and customizable accounting integrations.


With the WOLVOX ERP Program, which has a very rich usage field thanks to its modular structure, make all your daily business activities such as accounting, purchasing, project management and supply chain operations systematic and viewable.

Restaurant Solutions

Enjoy access to stock, order, end-of-day reports and all the information you need at any time with our Restaurant Management solutions that we have developed for the management of restaurants, hotels, cafes, bars, coffee shops and patisseries.

Hotel Solutions

Easily manage all the operations in the hotel by performing pre-accounting, office, hotel booking operations in a practical way. If you wish, increase your customer potential with the option of online booking.

Retail Solutions

Easily manage your stock, promotion, return and sales transactions with our retail solutions that appeal to supermarkets, grocery stores, gas stations, stores and businesses of all sizes that want to run their sales quickly.

Enjoy managing your business processes with AKINSOFT experience with our solutions that appeal to different sectors.
Sectoral Solutions
AKINSOFT e-Commerce Integration
AKINSOFT e-Commerce Integration
By integrating the e-Commerce packages or Virtual store integration you need into your WOLVOX program, you can integrate the products in your stock to the virtual stores you sell (Amazon), send your products to the virtual markets where you sell with practical transfer option, and follow up your sales.