CRM Solutions

Customer satisfaction or new customer search and customer follow-up enable us to focus on the production of products in high demand. With our CRM solution, your business will proceed much more systematically.
By planning distribution according to regional demand, it also allows special work to be done on products and services that are low in sales.


Our program can be used by all small and large enterprises who want to follow up field sales operations, plan campaigns and customer interviews and measure customer satisfaction, follow up appointment, interview, offer, sales and other related after sales processes.


Activity Tracking

You can record various activities for your customers and list them in the calendar panel, set up alarms and follow up with the reminder without missing any activity.

Campaign Management

By creating campaign definitions, you can compare campaign plans and results by amount, and by creating project and sales tracking records, you can associate them with campaigns.

Project and Sales

By creating project and sales definitions, you can compare your estimated sales amounts with your actual sales amounts and associate them with your campaign definitions.